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Suggestions for Picking Gifts

There are so many options but you can't find the right gift... Well, can I make your life easier by giving you some suggestions?

1. Are you aware of his/her dreams? Which country would he/she like to see? Does she/he want to fly in an air balloon? Does he/she want to swim behind a rare sea creature while deep diving? Make her/his dream come true or if it's not possible, get a gift in a form that symbolizes her/his dream. If you want to do this with jewelry let us know so we can make it happen for you.

2. Make her/him experience an emotion like a surprise. Choose gifts that contain creative ideas.

3. Take her/him to a memory that you experienced together years ago, remind it.

4. A little stalking wouldn't be bad in case the result is to be able to please her/him...

5. Getting what someone needs demolishes all the romance. Asking what he/she wants you to buy too...

6. Give the gift with an event, with a special presentation.

7. Forget about gift vouchers.

8. Don't underestimate the fun of opening gifts. A good gift wrap adds excitement and joy. It adds value.

9. Write down anything he/she is interested in. Extend the list. All it takes is 2 minutes of your time.

10. Relive their childhood. Choose moving gifts that require exploration.

11. Check out their social media posts. They may have disclosed their wishes there.

12. Learn about their routines, their passions.

13. If she/he is a collector, search and find a piece she/he has wanted to add to her/his collection for a long time.

14. Add a note with your signature, etc.

15. Let your gift carry traces of the moments you spent together. If you want to remind him/her of a train journey you took together years ago, your gift can include a train figure.

16. Whether it fits or not is one of the most important issues. Check out our blog posts. There you will find the golden rules of befitting.

17. Don't leave it to the last minute. If it is not a ready-made product, place your order for personalized gifts at least 15 days in advance. Ask the manufacturer when they can deliver and add 1 more week to that. You don't want to encounter an unpleasant surprise at the last minute.

18. It matters who you choose the gift for. Let's list who we buy gifts for. You will realize that you don't have as long a list as you think.

  • your grandparents,

  • Your mother, your father, your brother,

  • Your lover, your spouse, your children,

  • Your spouse's parents and siblings,

  • Your relatives, friends, neighbors, or relatives' newborn babies, children,

  • Newly married couples (friends or relatives),

  • Your colleagues, your boss.

If you have received gifts outside of this list, please remind us.

This list includes people of different age groups and degrees of intimacy, of different occupations and lifestyles. Then:

a. Age-appropriate: Remember that what matters is the age of your soul.

b. Appropriate for his/her profession: You might think, why profession matters? If you intend to choose a useful gift, you should consider whether the profession of the receiver allows somebody to use the gift you gave. For example, a large ring with high stones and prongs would not be suitable for a person working in a nursery. She has to take care of children so she will not want to carry jewelry that will cause any injuries. You can think of buying a necklace rather than a ring for someone who works with hands, such as a ceramic artist.

c. Suitable for lifestyle: Of course, the gift you will choose for someone who likes to wear sportswear and spends most of the day in casual clothes making sports, and the gift you chose for someone who dresses formally in daily life should be different from each other...

You may not have decided yet. Contact us for gift consultation. Let's see together what we can imagine for you.


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