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statement ring sketch by Dilek Platin


Everything starts with a spark. Sometimes it can be an eye-catching stone, sometimes a special memory, moment or form. When the spark lands on our workshop, the creation process begins.

Silver ring by Dilek Platin


We care about producing by combining mastery and various techniques in our work. The results of this working discipline satisfies both us (as the producer) and the user.

silver cufflink designed by Dilek Platin

Your Taste

Here, we experience the creative process together with you, shaped by your wishes, tastes and demands.



Technology offers us different possibilities in the production process. In this way, we expand the limits of our creativity.

Silver pendant


Discover the products we have prepared for you and presented to your liking. We dreamed and produced for you.



Forging, engraving, riveting, stone setting, inlay, gold-silver plating, enamel, reticulation, keum-boo and many other techniques are used in our atetier. One of the most important factors we observe in our production is harmony. We provide harmony and balance by using these techniques as and when necessary.



What makes a product an art work? If there is a strong idea behind it and a strong mastery of its expression, it can be called a work of art.

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Workbench Dilek Platin Jewelry Studio
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our products with our experience in care.

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we expect you to contact between Mon-Sat 09.00am -06.00 pm.

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