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How do you decide to buy jewelry?

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Have you ever thought about how you decide to buy a piece of jewelry?

Here are a few of the candid answers I've compiled from what I've heard so far...

1- I see jewelry worn by other people. If I like them I search for them and buy the same or similar ones.

2- I think jewelry is also an investment tool.. For that reason I usually buy gold jewelry.

3- I buy fashion jewelry. I choose the ones that are suitable for me among the new products that come to the stores every season.

4- I determine my needs and then I try to find a suitable jewelry.

5- When I see a different piece of jewelry I buy it.

6- I buy traditional and classic jewelry.

7- Brand is important to me. I visit the brands I like from time to time.

8- If I find an affordable jewelry, I never miss it.

9- I follow the discounts.

10- I prefer designer jewelry, jewelry of well-known designers.

11- I buy what I like if it is affordable for me. I don't think too much.

What about you?

Did you too give one of these answers?

Are you indecisive while shopping? Do you need opinions of others?

Now let's take the first step together to learn how to choose like a pro:

We have 4 criteria when making a jewelry purchase decision:

The first criteria is color, the second is form, the third is material, and the fourth is style.

Let 's explain these 4 criteria one by one.


Instead of buying a piece of jewelry because it is your birthstone, you can buy it because the color suits you. We are born with our own colors. Hair color, eye color, skin color...There is a very useful study on this subject. 12 Season Color Analysis. (You can visit my blog about it to learn more. You can visit my blog about it to learn more.)

First, identify your own season and the colors of this season. My suggestion is to save your color palette on your phone. Always keep your palette in mind and take it's guidance when buying clothes and jewelry. Pay attention to this when deciding on the metal of the jewelry you will buy. Because the metal that suits every skin color differ from each other. This is one of the reasons why such a variety of gold alloys are made.



If you know Kibbe' s body shape classification, It means you're halfway through. Whichever of the 13 body types you belong to, you can choose a suitable form for yourself. This form can be angular, wavy, geometric, asymmetrical, irregular, random, large or small. Check out my blog posts for detailed information on this subject... For example, if you have a dramatic body shape (Tilda Swinton is a great example), angular, geometric jewelry will suit you very well. Or, if you have a soft classic body type, you can choose soft-edged, art nouveau or chase and repousse jewelry...


Gold, silver, copper, stone, wood, glass, rope, wicker etc. There are numbers of different materials used to make jewelry. You can decide what is right for you among these wide variety of options, only by taking advantage of your seasonal color palette and Kibbe's body classification together. For example, if you have a natural body type, a wicker jewelry will suit you well. However this jewelry will look cheap on a soft classic body.


Deciding on your style without knowing the Kibbe's body type classification means that you do it experimentally,. So you are more or less mistaken. For example, an art neuveau style jewelry does not suit a dramatic classic body type. Or they never look good with big and colorful jewelry.

I prepared a list for you. First, complete the Kibbe test and find your body type. Then easily find out what your jewelry features should be under this list.

Enjoy your time...


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