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5 Questions & 5 Answers About Custom Jewelry Design

Beyaz Soyut

1- What is possible and what is not?

A new design can be made for you from start to finish, or it can be made by making special changes on the designs you have seen and liked before.

According to us, the following should come to mind when talking about personalization:

1- It has a special meaning for the person who has it.

2- Its color, shape, style, size suits its owner.

3- It creates emotion.

It is very important that we understand what you want. For this reason, it would be appropriate to specify every detail clearly from the beginning.

For us, it is not possible to be impossible when we understand each other.

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Beyaz Krem

2- Can a jewelry be copied one by one?

Technically yes, ethically no.

From time to time, we encounter situations where we are asked to copy another product one by one. This is very normal, of course. If it is not possible for a person to reach and own that product, it is normal to want to make it possible and to demand it from us. However, we neither want our products to be imitated by others, nor do we want to imitate others.

What we can do is modify the products you like for you.

Elif Gökçer

3- Custom design versus factory production. 

Factory  - Many people should like and buy.

Custom - The owner of the product must like.

Factory  - The product produced must be standard.

Custom -  Each product should be unique.

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4- How is it made?

As we explained in details in our Custom Design page, you can choose from our pre-prepared designs or share your desired design with us or request changes on existing products and thus have products special for yourself and others.

Before we design, we make sure that we understand what you want. We present our ideas and sketches for your choice. Then we go to production.

We prepare the model with wax modeling, metalsmithing and / or computer drawing methods.

The next step is the processing of jewelry with jewelry techniques.

Some of these are: welding, stone setting, engraving, inlay, enamel, keum-boo, repousse and chasing. 

The last stage is the polishing, texturing and plating techniques that give the jewelry its final form.

Stone setting Silk and Silver Workbench
Coins yığınları

5-Is it expensive?

For us, an expensive product is a product which is sold for more than its value. While determining the price of our products, we consider the current prices of the materials we use, the value of our labor and taxes.

As the selected metal, stone and applied techniques change, the price will change as well.

You can ask us to produce according to your budget. We can develop suitable solutions for you.

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