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Choosing Gifts for Yourself and Others

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Do you know the golden rules of befitting?

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How Does Face Shape Effect My Choise?

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Have you heard of the golden ratio? This ratio seems to be coded in our cells. Our perception of beauty is shaped accordingly.

If you do not want to take risks, it is unlikely that it will not suit someone when you buy small, stud earrings.

Keep In Mind

keum-boo, silbver dangling earrings, turquoise earrings

Our eyes always seek balance. If you prefer earrings that fit your face shape, you will get the balance. You can be a good gift picker if you prefer wing earrings, long earrings, and dangling earrings that have emphasis on the lower part which are suitable for every face type.

Does The Face Shape Matter When Choosing A Necklace?

granat pendant, silver pendant

Yes it does. It is about emphasis. The ideal face shape is oval. So that we don't want the long face to look longer, the round face to look more round etc. Choose necklaces with sharp lines for round and oval faces. Ideal jewelry for faces with angular lines includes round, soft lines. Medium length necklaces will be fine for those who have long faces. These choices will never deceive you.

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When choosing rings, you should consider the hand and finger  shapes.

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What to Consider When Choosing a Big Ring

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Always observe proportion. You can wear as many large rings as you wish as long as the place where the ring ends does not exceed the first finger knuckle. Big hands look great with a combination of multiple rings.


ants silver emerald adjustable ring

The thing to consider when picking adjustable rings is that they don't look simple and cheap. If the design has an original idea, you can buy it without thinking.

Can I Make Risk Free Choises ?

band silver ring

Band and wire rings are ideal for this. Since they do not have protrusions, they are not likely to get stuck. Their thickness starts from 1mm. Multiple rings look great together. They are suitable for daily use.

Should I consider The Lifestyle?

Definitely yes. Lifestyle tells you what jewelry you will buy and what you wont. 

Does age matter

People use different jewelry at different stages of their lives. Observe and be aware of them.

Can a choice be made according to the profession?

Professions give important clues about which jewelry you can buy.

How can I make her/him happy?

If you want to make her/him happy, learn about her/his dreams.

In order not to say where did I go wrong ...

Some signs and symbols may not be suitable for some lifestyles. Pay attention to privacy.

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