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Silver and Gold Jewelry Care at Home

Please Pay Attension



The easiest brush you can find at home is a toothbrush. For this reason, they may recommend that you brush your jewelry with a component using toothbrushes. If you can't go to a specialist to have your care and if you insist on cleaning at home what you should pay attention to is, the hardness of the brush. Be sure to use a soft brush. Hard brushes erode both metal and other applications such as stone and enamel. 

Brushes are never used in jewelry production. Instead, the products are cleaned with ultrasonic washing machines without touching the product and without damaging it.

Do you know that how to care silver and gold jewelry at home topic is one of the most researched topics about jewelry on the internet? You will find some tips here. This way, you can decide whether the cleaning suggestions you come across are applicable or not, and you will not make irreparable mistakes.

Boiling or Hot Water


You cannot clean every jewelry with boiling or hot water. Some stones and metal surface applications and platings deteriorate due to hot water. Very sudden temperature changes will crack the stones even diamonds. Make sure that your jewelry will not deteriorate from boiling water.

Do you know the features of your jewelry?

The first step is to know the features of your jewelry. The cleaning method is chosen according to the stones set on, whether plated or not, whether they contain organic matter (such as bone, pearl, coral) or not, etc. Since some stones are permeable, detergent and water cause them to dull.

Have an expert.

Always consult before taking action.


scratching agent

You may see suggestions for cleaning with some materials such as toothpaste, ash and baking soda. The material that will clean your jewelry should not be granular. Granules cause scratches on metal and other surfaces.

Visit our Instructions for Use page.

We recommend you to keep your jewelry away from water, moisture, detergent, soap, deodorant, perfume and creams. This adds life to your jewelry. If you don't want to take the jewelry off, we recommend you to keep your jewelry dry and clean it with cloths such as eyeglass cleaning cloths.

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