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Choosing the Right Color for Jewelry?



Metal Is Yours

Which is yours? Black, gray or yellow?

Vintage Zeytin
Coral Statement Necklace Flamboyant Natural Kibbe Style

Do you know your colors?

If you do not know your colors, come and take a look at our blog posts we have prepared for you. Find your own metal variations in the 12 season color chart. Experience your free style in your own fashion colors. Color your world by discovering the stones suitable for you.

Triple harmony rule

  • Skin color comes first: First, check if the color of the metal suits your skin.

  • Color harmony within the jewelry itself: Make sure that the metal color is compatible with the colors of applications such as gems and enamels on the jewelry.

  • Outfit combination: Make the jewelry you buy a part of a combination and complete your clothes or let it show off in a plain look.

What changes with the right color picking?

  • You catch the harmony.

  • You appear an expert.

  • It gives a respectable appearance.

  • You look and feel good.

  • You look well-groomed.

  • You will be more confident.


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