Communication! One of the most distinctive features that nature has bestowed on the human species is to think, to share what you think, and to share your thoughts and feelings with others with the opportunities provided by the language, right? The most effective method of this messaging skill is -of course- the voice / spoken one. Talking and listening in turn is the most important door opener for people to get along with each other. Often to waste this opportunity that nature has bestowed upon us with all its generosity is the most brutal injustice that man does to himself and his social existence. Most of the time, this intellectual and emotional bonding ability of the people, which is caused by their own inadequacies, is sometimes interrupted by the "physical" barriers created. This is the real pain! To suppress the richness of expression, which is narrowed down by the inadequacy of talents, for political or cultural reasons, is nothing more than ignoring the qualities that distinguish man from other species in the world. Hey Humankind! Speak… Don't avoid expressing yourself, your feelings, thoughts in an appropriate language… This capacity is the greatest gift of nature to you, discover the proper language and style… and don't be silent! Talk!

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