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How to choose earrings?

Beauty is a matter of balance.

Earrings are the top jewelry in the overall look. Since your face is the main center of communication, it is extremely important to choose your earrings correctly.

The most important limitation in choosing earrings is our face shape. Determine what your face shape is before you buy your jewelry. This is the first step. Some types of earrings do not suit some face types. Be aware of this and make choices. To help you out, I have prepared a table listing face shapes.

We manufacturers offer you dozens of types of earrings. Do you know the names given to them? To assist you in your research, I have listed the most common types of earrings. You can find the English equivalents below.


Earring Types

  • Small stud earrings (Studs)

  • Ring (Hoops)

  • Tear Drops

  • Dangles

  • Chandelier (Chandeliers)

  • Cuff earrings

  • Binary: nail + chain + cuff (Bajorans)

  • Shaky; chain only (Threaders)

  • Multi-group (Clusters)

  • Wings

  • Jacket (Jackets)

  • Single (Mismatches)

  • Barbell Earrings (not preferred in our country)

  • Full ear tag


Earring Backs (Back Types)

  • Nails (Push Backs)

  • Screw Backs

  • Latch Backs

  • Levers

  • Jacket (Jackets)

  • Hook (Fish Hooks)

  • Ear threads

1- See what your own earring choices should be from the chart.

2- The second step is what you wear, the composition. Decide which type of earring you will wear based on the overall composition of the look.

Here you are ready to go...


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