Human's Search for Meaning

If you read Frankl, you know. "What makes human beings human?" The famous psychiatrist is looking for an answer to the question. In this book, Frankl, who developed the theory known as logotherapy, questions what or what makes life meaningful as life flows in our small world, full of both physical and mental pain, where we are often unprotected against all kinds of external influences. Both pain and pleasure are a part of life and are just as valuable as life itself. However, it is precious to turn what we experience as a trauma into a celebration and to be able to face it humanely. If a person can find meaning in his pain, then he becomes painless. Your only goal should not be to enjoy pleasure or to avoid pain… On the contrary, its pleasure should be to find a meaning in life that includes pain. All kinds of art and aesthetics are instrumental in reaching the most concrete forms of this search for meaning. The meaning of nature embraces the human mind with its wonderfully nourishing and infinite resource, what we do is to reveal this and to present symbols from its source to those who are in search of this meaning…

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