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  • Product Type: Spoon
  • Material: 995K Silver and 925K Silver
  • Weight:23,50 gr. (+-%10)

  • Size: 12cmx3,6cm


SKU: SS004
  • We used traditional patterns in this spoon, which we specially prepared for Yaman baby. Hoping that we will contribute to his healthy and long life, we produced the bowl part of the spoon from 995K silver. The handle is made of 925K silver, a harder alloy. 

    The weight of the spoon is 28,10gr. (+-10%) The size is 12cmx3,6cm.  Its dimensions are designed properly for the baby to feed himself. 


    If you want to make a similar spoon, please contact us. You can place your personalized order immediately by answering the relevant questions. You can make any change you want by contacting us. 

    Please visit our 'Instructions for Use' page for the cleaning tips.

  • You can return and exchange the products you purchased from within 15 days from the delivery date. In order to change from our stores, the product must not be used and the product must not be damaged. The consumer cannot use the right of withdrawal for the products that are produced in accordance with special requests and demands or that are customized by making changes or additions. For more information, visit our Warranty and Return page.

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