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  • Product Type: Ring
  • Material: Walnut, Silver
  • Techniques Used: Hand Carved, Silver Inlay
  • Color: Brown, Light Brown
  • Top Size:3,1cm x 3,9cm.

Adorned In Silver

SKU: WR005
  • 'RESIDENTS OF SNAIL GARDEN' Collection Piece

    This walnut ring is one of a kind as all the Silk&Silver wooden rings. It is not possible to reproduce the same ring one by one due to the properties such as texture and color of the tree. It is from the 'RESIDENTS OF SNAIL GARDEN'  Collection ,  inspired by the snail on the violin handle. It is also a good example of silver inlaid workmanship.

    The top size is 3,1cm x 3,9cm. It is sterling silver inlaid. Please read the instructions for care. This unique walnut ring sizes  56 / 16. We can enlarge the wood rings up to 2 or 3 points only. Please contact us for your requests.

    You can keep your jewelry like the first day by reading our wooden care suggestions.

  • You can return and exchange the products you purchased from within 15 days from the delivery date. In order to change from our stores, the product must not be used and the product must not be damaged. The consumer cannot use the right of withdrawal for the products that are produced in accordance with special requests and demands or that are customized by making changes or additions. For more information, visit our Warranty and Return page.

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