Didi...the artist says


At times my jewelry follows the perfect balance but at others it reaches for the confusion and coincidances which occur in the nature... sometimes I go to the past and walk through the history, my impressions take me to the future... Sometimes I dream of the city I live in, swim in the infinity of the creativity, I pour down the beauties on the page that I meet on the way... And my studio is my temple where I genuinely feel that I am a part of the nature. Each work that comes into being from there and that carry on my marks have meaning, have existence, after they mend with the bodies who will wear them with love. 


''- I know that I can catch the one that is unique, irreplaceable, one of a kind by following the trail of nature; that's why I design with its rules and take my inspiration from it.''

What makes a place significant is the details

I'am proud to have the job I am in love with. I can spend hours without getting up from my workbench. Unaware of the time,  the place and anything else...​

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